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March 3, 2013
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Yawning as softly as you could, you felt the two strong arms around your waist tighten their grip. Blinking the sleep out of your (e/c) eyes, you locked your gaze onto your husband’s soft, snoozing face and a smile formed at the corners of your mouth. His exuberant blue eyes were hidden as he dozed and his eyebrows were contracted slightly, making him look as though he was trying to solve some difficult Maths equation; his usually gravity-defying hair was flat against his forehead and his lips were parted, quiet snores emitting from them. He looks so cute, you thought, cooing internally as you grazed his cheek lightly with your fingertips. He fussed a little in his slumber and brought you closer to his toned chest, nuzzling his chin in your (h/c) hair.

Memories of the previous night flitted in your mind as your eyes took in the scene in front of you. I had wondered why I was nude, you thought to yourself and you felt your cheeks go hot at the thought.


Looking up, you saw your husband pry one azure eye open blearily. You leaned up and kissed him gently on the lips, running your fingers delicately through his blonde hair.

‘Good morning, darling,’ you purred and you sent him a warm smile. ‘Sleep well?’

He smirked, humming in response as he pecked your shoulder. Running his nose along the crook of your neck, he gave you butterfly kisses on the exposed skin, trailing up to the shell of your ear where he licked it experimentally.

‘I most certainly did – did you have any trouble containing the awesome last night?’ he asked huskily, his tone sending shivers down your spine.

‘Matthias – you are starting to sound like Gilbert,’ you told him, giggling at the childish pout that had replaced his confident grin. ‘But yes, I contained the awesome.’

A large, toothy smile went across his face and he murmured, ‘Good,’ before pressing his lips to yours in a lovable, passionate kiss.

You had always been told by your friends that Matthias was not the right man for you, even after four blessed years of marriage. They told you that he was too clingy, too sexually needy, too overprotective. Oh, how you longed for them to see him now: sweet, gentle, yours. He made you feel as if you were the only girl in the world and he let you know it as well; he made the little things count, made them important. You couldn't believe how lucky you were to have met him all those years ago, to have married him.

However, after yesterday’s devastating news, you agreed with your friends about one thing: Matthias did not deserve you. No way did he deserve you – he deserved someone who would make him happy, who would always be there for him and bring him joy in life. You felt that you weren't worthy to him any more, that you would take him down with your sorrows.

Because you had been so upset, you had released your suppressed emotions onto Matthias and had ended up making love all night. You didn't dare tell him the reason behind it; you couldn't bear to think of facing his disappointed expression.

‘Hey – what’s the matter, min kære? Why are you crying?’

Snapping out of your thoughts, you raised your hand, your fingertips touching your moist cheeks. Feeling highly ashamed, you turned away from Matthias, your bare back facing him. You buried your face into your pillow, trying to stop the tears falling from your burning eyes.

‘_____? Tell me what’s wrong! You’re scaring me,’ Matthias mumbled worriedly, placing a hand on your arm.

You shook your head into your pillow and let out a choked sob as the words that had changed your life forever forced themselves into your mind: 'I'm sorry, Miss _____, but I am afraid that it is not good news.’

Suddenly, you found yourself face-to-face with Matthias as he spun you back around. His blue eyes were filled with anxiousness and a fiery determination. He enfolded his arms around you and locked his hands at the small of your back, pinning you in your spot.

‘Tell me,’ was all he said, his blue gaze fixed on you. You had never felt so shocked in your life. Matthias was being deadly serious, which was something that did not occur often. Taking a deep breath, you came to a conclusion: you had to tell him.

‘Well,’ you began in a whisper, more tears spilling onto the pillow, creating little wet circles. ‘I had been wondering about something for a while now and I thought it best to visit the doctor. You see, I had noticed that I haven’t been… late, so to speak…’

You trailed off and you saw a puzzled expression on Matthias’s countenance.

‘What do you mean?’ he inquired, rubbing soothing circles on your back. ‘What did the doctor have to say to that?’

Mouth opening and closing, it took you a couple of seconds to find the right words.

‘W-What I mean is that – that I – I CAN’T HAVE CHILDREN!’ You screamed and wails of grief filled the bedroom as you screwed your eyes shut. ‘You don’t deserve a wife who can’t bear you children! I'm a failure to you!’

The words that the doctor had uttered the previous afternoon hit you hard as you escaped from Matthias’s embrace, grabbed your robe and ran out of the bedroom, a waterfall of misery coursing down your face.

Retreating into the bathroom a couple of doors down, you curled up into a ball on the chilly tiled floor and sobbed into your knees. You had forgotten to lock the door but you didn't care at that moment; you had told him the worst news a husband could hear from his wife: you couldn't give him a family.

You squeaked as you suddenly felt two warm hands grasp your cheeks and pull you forward, your gaze meeting Matthias’s uncharacteristically stern expression. A feeling of dread flowed through your veins, clouding your senses; you were too frightened to think.

‘Don’t you ever say you are a failure to me again, understand?’ Matthias said harshly, his eyes boring into your (e/c) ones. You flinched at his tone and looked down at your feet, feeling too guilty to face him. Two fingers went under your chin and lifted your head, and you saw Matthias gazing at you sadly.

‘You are not a failure, _____,’ he told you softly, sitting down on the ground opposite you. He drew you towards him and your head hit his torso as his arms settled around your hips. ‘The truth is, I don’t deserve you. You are everything I have wished for and more. You’re kind, caring, funny, intelligent and so damn fine it’s unbelievable.’

A chuckle bubbled from your throat, sounding strained to your ears. Matthias kissed the top of your head and rested his cheek on it, caressing your back with his large hands comfortingly. You hugged him tightly, snuggling against his firm body.

‘As for not being able to have children,’ he continued, his voice echoing in the room. ‘I assume you found out yesterday?’ You nodded, embracing him closer.

‘So that’s why you went all out on me last night,’ he muttered and you couldn't help but laugh at that.

‘I'm sorry,’ you said, raising your arms and wrapping them around Matthias’s neck, your fingers playing with the little strands of hair there.

He shook his head. ‘Don’t be. You have every right to be upset.’

‘Aren't you?’ you asked him abruptly, watching him. Matthias cupped your face in his large hands, his thumbs rubbing along your cheekbones. You were startled to see his blue eyes shining with unshed tears and a single one fell, creating a path down his face.

‘I would be lying if I said no,’ he admitted and he leant forward, brushing his lips on yours before kissing you hard. You responded instantly, your hands disappearing into his blonde hair, making it stick up again. Hands going wild, you poured all of your emotions into the kiss, wanting Matthias to understand your pain, to feel it. The pair of you broke apart and Matthias had a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

‘Careful, ____. We don’t want a repeat of last night,’ he rumbled, scanning your expression with half-lidded eyes. You scoffed lightly and whacked him playfully on the arm.

‘Ow – that hurt!’ Matthias whined childishly, rubbing his arm where you hit him. You sniggered but it was short-lived for your miserable expression returned almost immediately. He saw the change and said, ‘Hey, let me tell you one thing, sweetheart: no matter what happens, no matter what obstacles we have to go through, I will always love you. I love you to heaven and back, with all my heart. Nothing, even not being able to have children will change that. Jeg elsker dig – forever and always.’

Your heart soared at his words and you spoke the first thing that came into your mind, ‘Matthias, Jeg elsker også dig.’

A genuine smile flitted across Matthias’s features as he kissed you again and picked you up from the floor in his arms.

‘Now, let the King make you breakfast and we'll get into business, ja?’

You hummed in reply and pecked the tip of his nose as he carried you downstairs into the kitchen. At that moment, you really wanted to prove to your friends that Matthias was not the right man, but the perfect one.

Two Years Later

You couldn't believe it as you stared down at the thing in your hands. After two years of trying, it was finally happening. Happiness flooded your being and you sprinted downstairs in search of your husband.

‘Matthias! Matthias!’ You called, running out into the garden where Matthias looked up in curiosity, the garden hose in his hands. Not wasting another second, you showed him the results in your palm and watched his puzzled expression turn into an elated one.

‘You’re –’ he choked out and you nodded vigorously before he could finish. With a cry, the hose went down as Matthias picked you up and spun around, his joyful laughter filling the air. You laughed along with him, wrapping your arms around his neck in delight. The hose was drenching you both but neither of you cared.

He set you down on the grass and kissed you passionately, one hand running down to rest on your stomach, where it stayed for a while. You were happy beyond your wildest dreams and you gazed at Matthias’s teary face, his smile contagious. No matter what, he had stayed with you all these years and now a bundle of treasure was on its way, ready to start a new chapter in your lives.
Request for :iconpurichie: Hope you like it, mate~

Ok, so before I continue, I know I still owe requests to :iconzirahz:, :icontoffeeapplegirl: and :icon3alyo0o: Don't worry, I have NOT forgotten about you guys. Your requests are being written as we speak and are undergoing some VERY heavy editing. So, expect them soon! XD

Also, I know that most women who have been told that they cannot have children don't but some very lucky ones do have children and my mother is a fine example. Just thought I'd let you guys know that.

If you guys have a request, I am still open. More info: [link]

ENJOY THE FLUFFINESS (I'm sorry if Denmark is a bit OOC but... I always pictured him as a really sweet boyfriend/husband).


min kære: my dear
Jeg elsker dig: I love you
Jeg elsker også dig: I love you too.

One more thing, can you guys tell me if this needs a mature content warning? Cheers.


EDIT: Thank you to :iconceciliethehedgehog: for correcting my misuse of Danish. Cheers mate!

Hetalia (c) Hidekazu Himaruya
You (c) You
Storyline (c) doubleox515

Preview picture is not mine.
Image found here: [link]
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