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February 15, 2013
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Looking at the endless couples passing by, a feeling of loneliness panged in your chest. It was yet another Valentine's Day and you, again, had no one to share it with. So there you were, sitting on your own at a cafÚ, surrounded by pink hearts and confetti. All you had wanted was a nice, peaceful lunch break before you went back to work, not to be around things like this. That – and someone to be with you.

'And what is a gorgeous young lady – such as yourself – doing on her own here?'

Looking up, startled at the sudden voice, you came face-to-face with your co-worker and best friend, Matthias K°hler. His blue eyes were alight with flirtatiousness and humour and it bought a smile to your face. You had liked the Danish man for years, even before you started working together. You had both attended the same school and university, becoming lifelong friends in a heartbeat.

However, on days like today, you were strongly reminded on how much you had fallen in love with him. His crazy blonde hair, his loud and obnoxiousness personality made you laugh like no one had ever made you laugh; the way he cared for you let you feel like you were the only one in the world that he saw. Everything about him you loved – except perhaps the endless drinking but even then, you couldn't stop the hammering of your heart whenever you were with him.

'Just trying to have some lunch,' you responded quietly, your (e/c) eyes set down on your cup of coffee.

'On your own?' Matthias queried, astonishment in his tone. 'On Valentine's Day? You're crazy.'

He sat in the seat opposite you and took one of your hands in his large ones.

'Pretty women shouldn't ever be left alone – especially on Valentine's Day,' he said ecstatically, his toothy grin wide. 'Well, it's a good thing I'm here then, isn't it?'

You rolled your eyes, despite the smile on your face.

'You're so full of yourself,' you told him, squeezing his hand. He gave you a look of mock offence which made you giggle. 'Anyway, you and I both know that I do not have a boyfriend – or ever will for that matter. And I am not pretty,' you added quietly.

Matthias said nothing. Instead, he reached up and cupped your face, his eyes boring into yours. 'You are pretty and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Understand?'

You merely nodded for your heart was beating at a thousand miles an hour and your cheeks felt warm. As he leant back in his chair, your eyes locked onto his lips and your thoughts wandered: about how they would feel against yours; how they would taste; how they would mold perfectly...

'– and I thought I would deliver it to you,' Matthias said, bringing you out of your fantasy. In his hand, he held out an envelope embroidered with a gold border with _____ written on the front in a cursive hand. With a muttered 'thank you', you took the letter and opened it, the smell of roses immediately wafting up from the inside. Curiosity taking the better of you, you extracted the paper within and began to read.

Dear _____,

Over the past couple of months, I have realised just how much I admire you: how much I have grown to love you. Your smiles light up my day and your beautiful (e/c) eyes make my heart flutter every time I look at them.

I have never felt this way about anyone before. Ever – and I mean it. You are my true love.

So, that being the case – I doubt I will ever have the courage to tell you this to your face – will you be my Juliet and I your Romeo?

Happy Valentine's Day, _____

Lots of love,

Your secret admirer (though not really).

You stared at the letter in shock. Someone actually likes me? You thought incredulously to yourself, your heart beating faster than ever before.

'Well? Who is it?' Matthias wondered, staring at your flushed face. Not saying a word, you held out the paper to him. He shook his head at the gesture.

'That's for you, not me,' he mumbled, looking away with a blush forming on his cheeks. You held back a gasp. Matthias is blushing? Impossible!

'Please, I want you to read it,' you pleaded, batting your eyelashes at him. 'You are the only one I trust.'

Matthias snapped his gaze to yours and let a smile pass his lips before taking the letter. You watched his blue eyes scan the page and his eyebrows raised knowingly.

'Oh ho! You've got yourself an admirer, _____,' he teased, a smug expression on his face. You felt your cheeks burn in embarrassment.

'Shut up!' you hissed as Matthias roared with laughter. You gave him a smack on the arm which caused him to pout. 'Besides, I don't even know who it is! They didn't leave a clue.'

'Um... yes they did,' Matthias muttered, showing the writing to you, his finger pointing to a signature you hadn't even noticed. In the bottom right-hand corner were the letters M.K.

'M.K? Who do I know whose names start with M.K?' you pondered, your brain working hard as you tried to remember all the men you knew.

'Matthias, help me out here,' you requested, your brow furrowed, missing the miserable expression on Matthias's face.

'Well, do you know anyone?' he asked, a forced smile on his face which you did not notice.

'There's that creep, Michael Krane, that works on the second floor,' you announced, a horrified look on your face. 'You don't think it's him, do you?'

'No, he's gay,' Matthias told you, a smirk playing at his lips. 'I mean that literally. I saw him full on making out with Joshua Thoms in the men's, near the boss's office.'

You cringed at that thought. You began to feel sorry for Joshua for if anyone had to survive the wrath of Michael Krane... you couldn't bear to think of the consequences.

'In that case, thank the Lord it's not him,' you sighed gratefully. 'What about Matthew Kime? He seems rather nice.'

'He's getting married, _____,' Matthias said wearily. 'His fiancÚ is that woman that types all day – um, what's-her-name...'

'Sally Monegrane?'

'That's the one.'

You were beginning to get frustrated. You grabbed the letter from Matthias's grip and read it again, trying to place the words to a face, ending up with nothing.

'I don't know!' you cried, setting the paper down and burying your head in your hands. 'I honestly don't know. I wish I could –'

What you wished, Matthias never found out because the sound of a scraping chair caught your attention. Suddenly, two hands had cupped your cheeks and your lips were pressed against another's. The world went blank as two words went into your mind. M.K. Matthias K°hler. How stupid am I?

You slowly started to respond, running your fingers through Matthias's spiky hair as you kissed him harder. His own hands moved from your cheeks to your (h/c) locks and shoulder.

When it became hard to breathe, the pair of you broke apart. Matthias gazed at you lovingly, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

'Be my Juliet, _____?' he whispered, leaning forward and brushing his lips on yours.

'Only if you're my Romeo,' you replied cheekily, kissing him again and resting your forehead on his. 'Happy Valentine's Day, Matthias.'

'Happy Valentine's Day, my gorgeous one.'
This is a contest entry for :iconnordicsxreader-oc:


Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

To those who have requested stories from me, do not fret! I am still writing (it's just taking me a long time). I promise I will get them done!

If anyone else is interested, more info here: [link]


EDIT: OMG YOU GUYS! I am so overwhelmed right now. Over 100 favourites, over 1000 views and almost 100 comments? ... I am so happy right now. YOU GUYS ROCK! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH! :love:

Hetalia (c) Hidekazu Himaruya
You (c) You
Storyline (c) doubleox515

Preview picture is not mine.
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